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  • What is the length of King Palms?

    Minis are 84 mm in L and 8 mm in W Slims are 104 mm in L and 9 mm in W Kings are 104 mm in L and 10 mm in WXLs are 101.6 mm in L and 13.4 mm in WXXL's are 139.7 mm in L and 22 mm in W Please submit...

  • What countries do you ship to?

    King Palm ships internationally throughout the following places:    Africa, Alberta, Asia, Armenia, Andorra, Azerbaijan, British Colombia, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Albania, And...

  • What sizes does King Palm offer?

    King Palm offers their pre-rolled cones in a myriad of sizes depending on your smoking preference. The sizes depend on how much flower they can hold. They are as follows:   Rollies: 0.5 grams Mi...

  • How much are King Palms?

    We have a variety of options available from $2 or more on our website.

  • Are King Palms safe to use without side effects?

    The product is a safe smoke-able leaf. It is tobacco-free with zero glue and no additives. This product has been used for centuries across southeast Asia, and we have used the product every day for...

  • How does it smoke?

    The smoke is super slow-burning and smooth, mostly when evenly packed. Hits are milkier than a typical joint and taste much purer than a blunt or cigarillo.

  • What are the fees for taxes and imports?

    Each country has different tax and import fees. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the exact cost. Feel free to look up this information before purchasing King Palm products.

  • The King Palm got in my eye!

    Please try holding the roll away from your face when activating the flavor with only a slight amount of pressure.

  • How do you make the rolls burn evenly?

    Please use a chunky grinder and pack it tight and even all the way through. Other joint papers and blunts tend to run as well, and it sometimes just happens due to many reasons. When our pre-rolls ...

  • Do you know what this ooze is in the filter?

    The resin that oozes through the filter tip is all based on the herb used.